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12/12/2011 2:53 PM

SharePoint goes live today!  My thanks to:

- Mark Miller for support and resources

- Marc Anderson for custom design work

- the team at FPWeb for hosting this SharePoint 2010 site and for a really great customer service experience

8/24/2011 11:38 AM

Hilton Gisenow interviewed me for The MOSS Show to introduce the SharePoint Maturity Model ​- you can download the podcast here.

9/19/2011 3:49 PM

I just received a SharePoint maturity assessment from a company in the Caribbean, putting Trinidad & Tobago on the map of ​places that have generated data from the Model. Here's a sample of the locations where the Model has been used (it is not comprehensive because many have submitted data anonymously).

Thanks to all who have sent in their assessment data!  My dream is to see this map filled with markers!


12/12/2011 2:53 PM

Mark Miller has pulled together The Best of End User SharePoint in book form.  O'Reilly Publications will publish EUSP's most popular articles for an upcoming book:  SharePoint 2010 at Work - Tricks, Traps, and Bold Opinions!

The book will include the following chapters:
Taming the Elusive Calculated Column-Logic by Dessie Lunsford
Charting for SharePoint by Alexander Bautz
Data View Web Part, The Basics - Add a Hyperlink by Laura Rogers
JQuery to the Rescue by Jim Bob Howard
Quote of the Day Web Part by Waldek Mastykarz
A Global Navigation Solution Across Site Collections by Peter Allen
Empower the Power User by Kerri Abraham
The SharePoint Maturity Model by Sadie Van Buren           
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Data View Web Part by Marc Anderson           
SharePoint 2010 Tab Page by Peter Allen           
Combine Documents and Website Links in One SharePoint Library by Eric Alexander

The book will be released in February 2012.  To receive a copy at a 40% discount, follow this link to the O'Reilly site to get more information, and use MILLERSP as the discount code.

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