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About the Model

The SharePoint Maturity Model was developed in the Fall of 2010 for the purpose of bringing a holistic view to a SharePoint implementation,
and bringing standardization to the conversation around functionality, best practices, and improvement.

The benefits of the Model are: 

  • It gives you a holistic understanding of your SharePoint implementation’s current state, and lets you define a benchmark for future improvement
  • It helps you define your strategic roadmap,
  • Your participation expands a data model to assist all SP users in benchmarking their level against others from similar industries and years of use. 

Notes on this version of the Model:

  • Levels start at 100 rather than 0
  • Does NOT cover:
    • Public-facing websites
    • Compliance and regulatory issues
    • Visual design and branding
    • Cloud / online versions of SharePoint


  • Version 1 published 5 November 2010
  • Version 2 published 7 February 2011


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