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Burn After Reading

BURN AFTER READING. Diese Veranstaltung hat bereits stattgefunden. Start: 11​. August , ; Venue: Kino am Dach; Address: Urban-Loritz-Platz 2. Burn after Reading – Wer verbrennt sich hier die Finger? OT: Burn after Reading Regie, Drehbuch, Produktion: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen Kamera: Emmanuel. Burn after Reading - Wer verbrennt sich hier die Finger? ein Film von Joel Coen und Ethan Coen mit George Clooney, Brad Pitt. Inhaltsangabe: Der Alkohol. <

Burn after Reading - Wer verbrennt sich hier die Finger?

Burn After Reading – Wer verbrennt sich hier die Finger? ist eine US-​amerikanische Kriminalkomödie aus dem Jahr Regie führten Ethan und Joel Coen. Burn after Reading – Wer verbrennt sich hier die Finger? OT: Burn after Reading Regie, Drehbuch, Produktion: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen Kamera: Emmanuel. „Burn after reading! – Nach dem Lesen vernichten!“ so eigentlich müsste die Anweisung für die Lektüre der Memoiren des suspendierten CIA-Agenten Ozzie Cox .

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Burn After Reading (2008) - Brad Pitt calls Osborne Cox

Burn After Reading

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Mit fatalen Folgen. Burn After Reading is a dark comedy crime film written, produced, edited and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. It follows a recently jobless CIA analyst (John Malkovich) whose misplaced memoirs are found by a pair of dimwitted gym employees (Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt). The Coen Brothers always get complemented for quirky stories and writing. That didn’t quite work out with Burn After Reading. The story was about disgruntled people and the consequences of their actions. John Malkovich played CIA analyst Osbourne Cox who gets demoted at his work and quits as a result. Directed by Ethan Coen, Joel Coen. With Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, George Clooney, John Malkovich. A disk containing mysterious information from a CIA agent ends up in the hands of two unscrupulous and daft gym employees who attempt to sell it. Burn After Reading () Plot. Showing all 4 items Jump to: Summaries (3) Synopsis (1) Summaries. A disk containing mysterious information from a CIA agent ends up. Burn After Reading is a typical Coen brothers' lark that features A-list actors strutting their stuff as a group of idiotic characters. It's a frequently funny film, but offers nothing on a deeper.

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Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: George Clooney Harry Pfarrer Frances McDormand Linda Litzke Brad Pitt Chad Feldheimer John Malkovich Osborne Cox Tilda Swinton Katie Cox Richard Jenkins Ted Elizabeth Marvel Sandy Pfarrer David Rasche CIA Officer Palmer DeBakey Smith J.

CIA Superior as JK Simmons Olek Krupa Krapotkin Michael Countryman Alan Kevin Sussman Tuchman Marsh Man J. Divorce Lawyer as JR Horne Hamilton Clancy Peck Armand Schultz Edit Storyline Osbourne Cox, a Balkan expert, resigned from the CIA because of a drinking problem, so he begins a memoir.

Prospective Gym Customer. Lawyer's Secretary. Russian Embassy Escort as Sandor Tecsy. Senior Russian Embassy Man. Process Server.

Morning Show Host. Morning Show Hostess. Four-Year-Old Patient. Star of "Coming Up Daisy". Drunken Princetonian. Macdonald uncredited.

Tourist uncredited. Jogger uncredited. Suspicious Man uncredited. Businessman uncredited. CIA Agent uncredited. Self - Family Feud Host archive footage uncredited.

Senator uncredited. Waiter uncredited. Nam Vet Visiting WWII Memorial uncredited. Business Man uncredited.

The Witness uncredited. Man in Park uncredited. Runner uncredited. Surveillance Man uncredited. Driver uncredited.

Suspicious Tourist - Day Player uncredited. Joel Coen Director. Ethan Coen Director. Joel Coen Writer. Ethan Coen Writer. Joel Coen Producer.

Ethan Coen Producer. Tim Bevan Executive Producer. Eric Fellner Executive Producer. Robert Graf Executive Producer.

Emmanuel Lubezki Cinematographer. Free Movies Online: Fresh Movies to Watch Online For Free. Is Burn After Reading the Most Coens-y Coen Bros.

Movie Of Them All? Creed , Paddington , and More Available to Stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime. April 29, Full Review…. August 23, Full Review….

February 18, Rating: B Full Review…. November 7, Full Review…. January 31, Rating: 2. November 10, Full Review….

September 4, Rating: 3. July 23, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Mar 15, When two gym trainers find a computer disc containing the memoir of a CIA analyst they attempt to blackmail him; meanwhile a philandering US marshal grows increasingly paranoid that he's being spied on by someone.

Starring George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, John Malkovich and Brad Pitt, the film has an impressive cast that gives fairly good performances.

The problem is, most of the characters are unlikable assholes. And the plot goes nowhere, which would be alright if it was a fun ride or had some clever twist of irony Still, the satiric wit of the Coen brothers makes for a few fun comedic moments.

Burn After Reading is entertaining at times but doesn't really amount to much. Dann M Super Reviewer. May 12, This film is just fun and funny.

A Coen Bros classic that can't be missed. The characters are expertly drawn and the alluring, winding plot is enjoyable. Great performances from the entire cast.

Possibly the least dark Coens' movie. Nov 24, They are brainless bozos who work at a gym and figure on selling this document to the Russian embassy to pay for Linda's longed-for cosmetic surgery.

Exasperatingly, the fundamental plot-point of how Cox's CD finds its way into the gym is fudged, and the story itself runs calamitously aground.

Almost every actor is cast and directed in a way calculated to bring out his or her worst traits. Clooney goes into full ill-advised comedy mode: he has his non-handsome beard on the go; he waggles his head around; he does huge mugging "reaction" faces with big frowny expressions, furious grimaces and evil grins.

If he was in a silent film, playing the man who ties the young woman to the railroad track, any responsible director would tell him to tone it down.

John Malkovich gives us the shouty, angry performance that he can do on autopilot. Time and again, he goes into the classic Malkovich riff: losing his temper on the phone and letting rip with the F-word.

Tilda Swinton does icy very well, but there is something disconcertingly humourless about her performance; the frost should sparkle more.

Finding Ted in the basement, Osbourne shoots him and chases him onto the street, where he attacks him with a hatchet. At CIA headquarters a few days later, Smith tells the director that a surveilling CIA agent intervened in the fracas between Osbourne and Ted, shooting Osbourne and leaving him in a coma , and that Ted died from the attack.

He also says that Harry has been detained while trying to flee to Venezuela, a country with no extradition treaty with the U.

The director instructs Palmer to let Harry continue on to Venezuela rather than deal with the consequences of bringing him into custody. The director and Palmer agree only to worry about dealing with Osbourne if he wakes.

Linda promises to keep quiet if they will pay for her plastic surgery, to which the director agrees. Palmer and his director try to make sense of all the events.

They conclude that no lesson can be learned for the agency. Working Title Films produced the film for Focus Features , which also has worldwide distribution rights.

Burn After Reading was the first Coen brothers film not to use Roger Deakins as cinematographer since Miller's Crossing.

Emmanuel Lubezki , four-time Academy Award -nominated cinematographer of Sleepy Hollow and Children of Men , took over for Deakins, [11] who had already committed to shooting Sam Mendes' Revolutionary Road.

Early in the production, Burwell and the Coens decided that the score should be emphatically percussive to match the deluded self-importance of the characters, and they noted the all-drum score for the political thriller Seven Days in May.

Joel Coen wanted the score to be "big and bombastic, The Burn score ultimately made frequent use of Japanese Taiko drums. Burn After Reading was the first original screenplay penned by Joel and Ethan Coen since their film, The Man Who Wasn't There.

Joel also said that Burn After Reading was not meant to be a comment or satire on Washington. Parts of the Burn screenplay were written while the Coens were also writing their adaptation of No Country for Old Men.

The Coens struggled to develop a common filming schedule to accommodate the A-list cast. Production Weekly , an online entertainment-industry magazine, falsely reported in October that Burn After Reading was a loose adaptation of Burn Before Reading: Presidents, CIA Directors, and Secret Intelligence , a memoir by former U.

Director of Central Intelligence Stansfield Turner. Principal photography took place around Brooklyn Heights , as the Coens wanted to stay in New York City to be with their families.

The film opened the Venice Film Festival in August The Coen brothers said idiocy was a major central theme of Burn After Reading ; Joel said he and his brother have "a long history of writing parts for idiotic characters" [24] and described Clooney and Pitt's characters as "dueling idiots.

Pitt, who plays a particularly unintelligent character, said of his role, "After reading the part, which they said was hand-written for myself, I was not sure if I should be flattered or insulted.

During a fall movie preview, Entertainment Weekly wrote that Malkovich "easily racks up the most laughs" [27] among the cast as the foul-mouthed and short-tempered ex-CIA man.

The first scene Malkovich performed was a phone call in which he shouts several obscenities at Pitt and McDormand. But Malkovich could not be on the sound stage for the call because he was rehearsing a play, so he called in the lines from his apartment in Paris.

Regarding the scene, Malkovich said, "It was really late at night and I was screaming at the top of my lungs. God knows what the neighbors thought.

Clooney's and Swinton's characters also had a poor relationship in their previous film together, Michael Clayton , prompting Clooney to say to Swinton at the end of a shoot, "Well, maybe one day we'll get to make a film together when we say one nice thing to each other.

It's great fun. Swinton described Burn After Reading as "a kind of monster caper movie" [25] and said of the characters, "All of us are monsters — like, true monsters.

It's ridiculous. On the one hand, it really is bleak and scary. On the other, it is really funny. It's the whatever-ness of it.

The Timeswhich gave the film four out of five stars, compared it to then Coen films Raising Arizona and Fargo in its "savagely comic taste for creative violence and a slightly mocking eye for detail. Osbourne's increasingly temperamental and erratic Der Denver-Clan Besetzung prompts Katie to change the locks on their house and to invite Harry to move in. Retrieved September 30, Information on the disc leads them to Osbourne who rejects Burn After Reading sales pitch; then they visit the Russian embassy. Campolo Jr. Sandy Pfarrer David Rasche It is their worst feature since The Ladykillers, which Bares Für Rares Goldmünze least had the excuse of being a remake script they never really intended to make themselves. Osborne Cox Tilda Swinton View All. Hal Robert Prescott Ronan O'Connor Retrieved July Say So Doja Cat, At the instruction of her lawyer, Katie copies and delivers her husband's digital financial records and other files, unknowingly including Müller Merkt draft of Ozzie's memoir. Oliva Sr. Resident Alien.
Burn After Reading Now I want to watch Burn After Reading. Associated Press. It's Brooke Hogan intelligent knockabout comedy, and personally I think it was one of the best comedies of April 29, Full Review…. With all his free time, he decides he's going to write an explosive memoir of his CIA life to get back at his former employers. A simple, self-hosted pastebin service that uses Tor .onion) ephemeral links to share encrypted messages and files that are destroyed after they are viewed. Burn After Reading. 16/10/ · Burn After Reading is the Coens' most mediocre film in a long time: a desperately strained black comic farce. It is their worst feature since The Ladykillers, which at least had the excuse of. Burn After Reading: scene clip Film. Bolt to play in Australia after sealing trial Sport. Dateline: Reading Habit. Meet the babies named after the cyclone they were born into News and Current. Linda und Chad, zwei nicht sonderlich cleveren Mitarbeitern eines Fitnessstudios in Washington, fällt eines Tages eine geheimnisvolle CD-ROM in die Hände. Wie sich herausstellt, gehört sie dem ehemaligen CIA-Mitarbeiter Osborne Cox und enthält. Burn After Reading – Wer verbrennt sich hier die Finger? ist eine US-​amerikanische Kriminalkomödie aus dem Jahr Regie führten Ethan und Joel Coen. sharepointmaturity.com: Finden Sie Burn After Reading in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-​ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. sharepointmaturity.com: Finden Sie Burn after Reading - Wer verbrennt sich hier die Finger? [​Blu-ray] in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch. Dass aber ausgerechnet die Liebesaffären des sexuell Beethoven Jahr Regierungsbeamten Harry Pfarrer George Clooney die Erpressungsversuche behindern würden, konnte natürlich niemand ahnen. Kritik schreiben. Burn After Reading - Wer verbrennt sich hier die Finger?
Burn After Reading


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