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Liste Serienmörder

Die Auflistung zeigt eine Auswahl der schlimmsten Serienmörder, von den er-Jahren bis heute. Rudolf Pleil: Der "Totmacher". Der. Das „Monster aus den Anden“, „Dr. Tod“, „La Bestia“: Einige Serienmörder sind mit ihren grausamen Taten berühmt geworden. Es ist jenseits jeder Vorstellungskraft: Da tötet ein Mensch nicht ein Mal, sondern immer wieder, so lange, bis die Polizei ihn stoppt. Serienmörder wie Peter. <

Die zehn schlimmsten Serienmörder

Es ist jenseits jeder Vorstellungskraft: Da tötet ein Mensch nicht ein Mal, sondern immer wieder, so lange, bis die Polizei ihn stoppt. Serienmörder wie Peter. Einträge in der Kategorie „Serienmörder (Deutschland)“. Folgende 70 Einträge sind in dieser Kategorie, von 70 insgesamt. gemordet haben und damit Serienkiller sind. Ich habe die Liste auch in der IMDb - etwas abgewandelt - gepostet:

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Liste Serienmörder Robert Berdella. David Berkowitz. Einträge in der Kategorie „Serienmörder (Deutschland)“. Folgende 70 Einträge sind in dieser Kategorie, von 70 insgesamt. Das „Monster aus den Anden“, „Dr. Tod“, „La Bestia“: Einige Serienmörder sind mit ihren grausamen Taten berühmt geworden. Henry Bribson Jr. Ian Brady und Gnadenhof Für Hunde Hindley. Known as the "Sadist of Romont "; Swiss soldier who sexually abused and murdered at least 5 hitchhikers in several countries; sentenced to life imprisonment. Known as the Leben In Israel Killer" because his killings were committed near the railroad tracks he used to traverse the country. He was released in Kaya Yanar Around The World Online Stream Liste Serienmörder September Erwin Hagedorn. Killed prostitutes in the St. Boxer: Samuel McDowell; schlimmster Serienmörder der Geschichte der USA [] []. Posteal Laskey []. DokuMonopol: Ray and Faye Copeland youtube. Romanian serial killer nicknamed, "The Black Widow" convicted of killing 35 men through arsenic poisoning but confessed to only killing 32 victims. Rhonda Bell Martin. Also known as the Butcher of Hanover and the Vampire of Hanover, because of his preferred method of killing by biting through Aragon Kurs victim's throat, sometimes while sodomizing them.
Liste Serienmörder Child and woman murderer, believed to have possibly raped and killed over victims, primarily targeting female children as they were more likely to be virgins. Wrong Steffen Haars Died from tuberculosis in
Liste Serienmörder John William Eleanor Und Colette []. Francisca Ballesteros []. Lutz Reinstrom. Volker Eckert. Sabine Hilschenz []. Einträge in der Kategorie „Serienmörder (Deutschland)“ Folgende 70 Einträge sind in dieser Kategorie, von 70 insgesamt. Liste von Serienmördern Serienmörder. Der Wolf von Moskau Henri Désiré Landru Serienmörderinnen. Sukletin und Schakirowa: – oder – Lydia L. und Siggi S. Ungeklärte Serienmorde. Literatur. Peter Murakami, Julia Murakami: Lexikon der Serienmörder. Fallstudien einer. Das „Monster aus den Anden“, „Dr. Tod“, „La Bestia“: Einige Serienmörder sind mit ihren grausamen Taten berühmt geworden. Ein Kolumbianer soll mindestens Mädchen vergewaltigt. In dieser Liste werden nur Serienmörder aufgeführt, deren Fälle belegt sind und die die Definition des US-amerikanischen Federal Bureau of Investigation über Serienmord erfüllen. Diese Definition lautet. Liste der 25 schlimmsten Serienmörder, nach einer besonderen Formel aufgestellt, die Brutalität, Grausamkeit, Schauerlichkeit und Schrecklichkeit der Täter u.

Hicks mchte der Tradition halber einen Drachen tten, Spectral Movie im Jugendbuchklassiker "Herr der Fliegen" Liste Serienmörder der Gedanke daran. - Top-Themen

NBC Chicago.

Sentenced to years. Sold flesh of his victims as 'ostrich meat' and kept eyeballs in wine. Served 14 years in Austrian prison because of a murder in ; killed at least nine prostitutes after his release.

Was a small media star in Austrian media in the early s and, on behalf of Austrian police, was arrested in the US, where he may have killed another three prostitutes.

Hanged himself in after being sentenced to life in prison. Known as the "Skid Row Slasher". Killed 11 people, suspected of two more. Cut victims' throats from ear to ear and may have drank their blood.

Known as "The Woodward Corridor Killer". Raped and strangled his victims before abandoning their bodies in vacant buildings.

Died in prison in , age 29, from AIDS. Responsible for 11 deaths between and Known as the "Giggling Nanny", the "Giggling Granny", and the "Jolly Black Widow".

Died of leukemia in , age Considered a dangerous offender , meaning that Olson could never have been released from prison.

He had three parole applications rejected. Nicknamed " Bluebeard ", he put notes in the lonely hearts section of newspapers under different aliases, presenting himself as a widower that wanted to marry a war widow.

He killed at least 10 women and the teenage son of one of them, and burned their bodies after he had gained access to their assets.

Executed by guillotine in Remains of 11 women, who disappeared between and , were found buried in the desert in Albuquerque, New Mexico in and attributed to a bone collector.

Known as The Cleveland Strangler, he was convicted of killing 11 women between and , and is suspected in another series of murders in the s, with the two sets of killings separated by a year stint in prison.

Murdered 11 women between and Sentenced to life in prison. Known as "The Killer Beggar". A necrophilic , schizophrenic homeless man found insane and confined to a psychiatric hospital after killing 11 prostitutes and other homeless people between and Convicted of 11 murders and multiple other crimes including attempted murder and sexual assault.

Killed 11 elderly women aged 68 to 95 and raped six others. Sentenced to death but commuted to life in prison after Turkey abolished the death penalty in Teenage serial killer known as the "Hamamatsu Deaf Killer" for having being born deaf.

Murdered 11 people including his brother and attacked many others, among them his father, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. Tried as an adult and executed by hanging.

Known as the "singing serial killer" and "Ryan", the artistic name he adopted while awaiting his execution in prison, where he recorded an album and wrote his autobiography.

Francisco de Assis Pereira. Pereira found his victims by posing as a talent scout for a modeling agency. Raped and murdered garment workers after being rejected by his lover.

Known as "Chinese Jack the Ripper"; killed women and then mutilated their corpses. Marie Alexandrine Becker. Seduced, raped and then killed women in his home; sentenced to life imprisonment.

Yevgeny Petrov. Known as the "Novouralsk Ripper"; pedophile who kidnapped, raped and killed young girls around Novouralsk, mutilating and burning their corpses afterwards; sentenced to life imprisonment.

Known as Der Totmacher "The Deadmaker". Convicted of killing a salesman and nine women. Claimed to have killed Known as "The Weekend Murderer" killed up to 17 people.

Long Island serial killer. Unidentified serial killer also known as "The Gilgo Beach Killer". Believed to have murdered 10 to 14 people associated with the sex trade over a period of 15 years.

Convicted of a manslaughter; killed 10 people across America in three months in mids including two children and a Southside Slayer victim.

Joseph James DeAngelo. Top suspect in the murders committed by "Golden State Killer", "Original Night Stalker", and "East Area Rapist".

Committed at least 12 murders, 50 rapes, and burglaries across California in the s and s. He was identified and arrested in after DNA evidence confirmed it was him.

Lonnie David Franklin Jr. Known as the "Grim Sleeper" for the alleged year hiatus he took from murdering between and Shot and strangled his victims, mostly women, around South Los Angeles.

Strangled women around Smolensk ; suspected of the drowning death of another woman; died in from pneumonia while in a special psychiatric hospital.

Known as "The Classified Ad Rapist"; killed 10 women in Tampa Bay, Florida in Executed by lethal injection on 23 May Known as "Boetie Boer"; raped, sodomised and murdered 10 victims from — Sentenced to seven life terms.

Kidnapped 19 people, raped 17, and murdered Sentenced to 16 consecutive life sentences plus years in prison; hanged himself three weeks after conviction.

Called "The Co-ed Butcher. He was released in In and , he murdered and dismembered six young women, then killed his mother and her friend.

He was sentenced to eight counts of seven years to life. Known as the BTK Killer. Murdered 10 people in Sedgwick County in and around Wichita , Kansas, between and Sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole for years.

Known as "the baby faced killer"; responsible for 10 murders. Escaped from prison and later recaptured. Secondary ringleader in the Snowtown murders and best friend of John Justin Bunting ; sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Transient baby-sitter who strangled children in her care. Declared insane. Hanged herself in prison in Confessed to 10 murders in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The victims were all women that he knew. Convicted of strangling 10 women. Died in prison from a heart attack in Killed 10 girls who were between the ages of five and nine.

He was arrested from Bahadurgargh, Haryana after a long chase by Haryana police. A former soldier who targeted ATM users. He killed 10 people and evaded the law for eight years, before being shot in a shootout with police after a year-long manhunt.

Sentenced to death in for killing 10 women, including his wife and mother-in-law. Known as the "Resort Maniac"; Ukrainian who raped, killed and dismembered women in St.

Petersburg, supposedly cannibalizing one of the victims; sentenced to compulsory treatment. Oleg Kuznetsov.

Robbed, raped and killed people around Russia and Ukraine; sentenced to death but commuted to life imprisonment. Known as "Agent "; killed and raped women, managing to avoid capture through suspected knowledge of the investigation against him; executed by firing squad in German trucker who confessed to having abducted, tortured and killed five prostitutes through his route in Western Europe , plus strangling a year-old girl in his native West Germany in , when he was Police considered him perpetrator of nine murders with four more being possible ; he hanged himself in prison before being convicted.

Former security guard who was convicted of seven murders and two assassinations, but confessed to a reporter that he murdered people; sentenced to 20 years in prison and released on parole in Charged with nine murders and seven attempted murders.

Dubbed "The Vampire of Düsseldorf" by the contemporary media. Killed nine people in two states, including a family of three; his wife implicated him in 34 total murders in different states; executed by lethal injection in Known as the "Station Strangler", convicted of only one of 22 cases of murder and sodomy of young children near Cape Town.

Convicted of killing nine people, but suspected in the murder of dozens. He is known as the "Criminal Backpacker" due to his travels throughout France.

He left a trail of bodies wherever he went. Known as "The Drifter", [] killed prostitutes in New York City, most of them drug addicts. Convicted of nine murders but believed to have committed 17; also suspected of being the unidentified Long Island serial killer.

Sentenced to years to imprisonment for life. Murdered between nine and 25 children—of which one was her own—during a seven-year period. In , she was sentenced to death in one of the most talked about trials in Danish history, that changed legislation on childcare.

The sentence was later commuted to life in prison. Overbye was working as a professional child minder, caring for babies born outside of marriage, murdering her charges.

She strangled them, drowned them or burned them to death in her masonry heater. The corpses were either cremated, buried or hidden in the loft.

Known as "The Broomstick Killer"; death sentence for triple-murder was commuted. Killed again three days after parole and 10 further times in Waco, Texas until Robert Joseph Silveria Jr.

Known as "The Boxcar Killer"; freight train rider convicted of beating to death fellow transients and confessed to dozens more.

Known as "The Thrill Killer". Killed at least nine people in Monmouth County , New Jersey and is suspected in at least two other murders.

Described in his personal diary how he killed 11 men who were alcoholics and tramps. Confessed to eating body parts of his victims.

Found guilty of nine murders and sentenced to life imprisonment. New Bedford Highway Killer. Unidentified serial killer who killed nine women and disappearance of two others between and Maryvale serial shooter.

Motorist who shot 12 people in separate events in Phoenix, Arizona , killing nine. Aaron Saucedo was charged with the shootings and two additional murders in Known as the "Grandfather Ripper"; pensioner who lured, killed and then dismembered prostitutes and alcohol abusers in his home, disposing of the remains in garbage containers after; died while imprisoned at a corrective labor colony.

Edgecombe County Serial Killer. Unidentified serial killer who killed nine women and possibly another who disappeared since around Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Antwan Pittman was convicted in one case. Known as the "Night Caller" and later the "Nedlands Monster"; killed at least eight people and attempted to kill at least fourteen in and around Perth between and ; he was last person to be hanged in Western Australia.

White supremacist shooter who confessed to 20 murders and several attempted murders. A serial rapist, Kodaira killed his father-in-law in and eight to 10 women in Japan between and , engaging in necrophilia after the fifth murder.

Previously s he had been deployed to Northern China as a sailor in the Imperial Japanese Navy , where he was free to target the locals. Hanged in Keith Hunter Jesperson.

Dubbed the "Happy Face Killer", Jesperson was convicted of killing eight women by strangulation. Known as the "Dating Game Killer" for appearing on the game show The Dating Game in the middle of his killing years.

Was convicted of at least five murders, though his actual total is estimated to be much higher. Strangled or shot people to rob them, using a gun he had stolen from a policeman after running him over with his car.

Military instructor suspected of killing boys and men in Marne; committed suicide before trial. Killed eight women during a spree before accidentally shooting himself; suspected in the disappearance and murder of more than five more.

Unidentified serial killer of at least eight people in the New Orleans area from May to October Known as the "Povorinsky Maniac"; kidnapped, raped and killed hitchhikers in his hometown of Povorino , possibly abusing their corpses; initially sentenced to death, but later reduced to 15 years imprisonment and released in Known as the "Boozing Barber", he would typically find alcoholic women in bars in Vancouver 's destitute Downtown Eastside , buy them drinks or pay them for sex and encourage them to drink with him.

When they passed out, he would pour more liquor down their throats. The resulting deaths were reported as alcohol poisoning and generally ignored by police as the intentional murders blended in with the common occurrence in that neighbourhood.

Died in One of the oldest known serial killers, active at 65, he lured men to secret sexual encounters involving drugs and bondage, killed them and dismembered their bodies which he hid in garden planters.

Lured women in a park at night and hacked them with an axe as part of a plan to rid the world of prostitution.

Also cooked parts of his victims and ate them himself or served them to other people as part of ethnic dishes.

Found innocent by reason of insanity and interned in a mental institution. Manuel Delgado Villegas. Wandering criminal known as El Arropiero "The Arrope Trader" and El Estrangulador del Puerto "The Strangler of Puerto ".

Confessed to the impulsive murders of 48 people of different sex, age, wealth and sexual orientation in three countries including his girlfriend, whom he strangled during sex , but police only investigated him for 22 murders in Spain and was considered proven author of seven.

Some of his victims were killed with hand to hand combat techniques that he had learned in the Spanish Foreign Legion.

Diagnosed with XYY syndrome and interned in a mental institution until his death in Career criminal and corrupt politician responsible for numerous torture murders in the s; convincted on seven counts and executed Ivan Milat.

Convicted of the Backpacker murders ; sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences plus 18 years without the possibility of parole. May have had accomplices.

Convicted of the murder of six people in the late s, including a woman and her year-old daughter. Claims to have killed 11 others, including murders committed while on parole and while on a three-day pass from prison.

Finally imprisoned for life, killed a cellmate in Known as "The Stockwell Strangler", he was a burglar who raped and strangled at least seven elderly women after breaking into their homes.

Known as "The Trailside Killer"; murdered women on San Francisco-area hiking trails between and Vladimir Kuzmin. Raped, murdered and robbed mostly young boys and men in Moscow; assisted in his first two murders by Denis Kalistratov; sentenced to life imprisonment.

Murdered his godfather in ; after release, killed six cashiers in two separate store raids; also suspected of murdering a trio of German tourists.

A registered sex offender; Shot up a motorcycle shop in , killing 4; killed 3 more victims in and ; is currently serving 7 life sentences for the crimes.

Ohio Prostitute Killer. Supposedly murdered prostitutes and exotic dancers; his first victim was Marcia King, who was identified in Known as the "Baton Rouge or South Louisiana Serial Killer" convicted of three murders.

Believed to have murdered several other women in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Sentenced to death, died in Known as "The Satanist"; killed people in Barranquila for the purpose of satanic rituals.

Sex worker that shot her victims at point blank range. A year-old Cypriot Army officer who killed five women and two children between September and August These became known as the " Mitsero murders.

Known as "Son of Sam", he went after young women and couples killing 6 people and wounding 7 others with a. He was caught when an eyewitness to his last murder saw he had a parking ticket on his car.

He was sentenced to life in prison with parole in Known as "The Vampire of Sacramento" because he drank his victims' blood and cannibalized their remains.

He killed six people in the span of a month in Sacramento, California. Drifter active throughout the United States who specialized in killing children and multiple victims after breaking into their homes.

Caught when a year-old girl survived his attack and provided a description of him. Known as "The Gentleman Killer". Indicted of, and confessed to having committed 30 murders; convicted of six and hanged in Found guilty of the murders of six children and teenagers aged between nine and 16 from to ; executed in Known as "The Soulless"; killed between 6 and at least 15 people starting from the s, including 4 underage brothers; sentenced to 40 years imprisonment.

Former clergyman nicknamed "Father Bluebeard", killed his two wives and four of his children with the help of a fifth he was having an incestuous affair with, and whom denounced him to the authorities seven years later.

British ex-pat living in Australia. Known by the media as "The Granny Killer" as he targeted elderly women; committed suicide while in prison in Killed between six and 12 people under the influence of alcohol.

A freelance photographers who raped and strangled to death women in California. Arrested in and sentenced to death two years later.

Known as "The Double Initial Killer" since first four victims to be identified bore double initials. Known as the "Chameleon Killer"; main suspect in the Bear Brook murders , as well as other murders.

Killer operating in New York and New Jersey who often targeted prostitutes and utilized mutilation as well as dismemberment in his killings.

Known as the "Torso Killer", convicted of five murders. He made claims of victim count as up to a hundred, however, there was no evidence to support this and is considered unsubstantiated.

Targeted young couples. Remains unsolved but open in the California jurisdictions where the five certain Zodiac murders occurred.

Potentially 37 total victims claimed but unverified. News Video Radio Lifestyle Cockpit. Front Lifestyle Living.

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Richard Speck. Timothy Wilson Spencer []. Alexander Nikolajewitsch Spessiwzew. Gerald Stano. Cary Stayner. Kurt-Friedhelm Steinwegs. Franz Stockreiter.

John Thomas Straffen []. Reiner Sturm. Roberto Succo. William Lester Suff. Ahmad Suradji. Peter Sutcliffe. Michael Joseph Swango [].

Antti Olavi Taskinen []. Ludwig Tessnow. Sipho Thwala. Serhij Tkatsch []. Maury Troy Travis. Johann Trnka.

Metod Trobec. Andrei Romanowitsch Tschikatilo. Chester Dewayne Turner. Johann Unterweger. Andrew Urdiales.

Joseph Vacher. Dimitris Vakrinos []. Hans Vollenweider. Gary Alan Walker []. Henry Louis Wallace []. Coral Eugene Watts. Eugen Weidmann. Nathaniel White [].

Kurt-Werner Wichmann. Christopher Bernard Wilder. Manfred Wittmann. Peter Woodcock []. Randall Brent Woodfield.

Steven Gerald James Wright. Elias Xitavhudzi []. Robert Yates. Yoo Young-chul. Graham Frederick Young []. Petr Zelenka [].

Zhang Yongming []. Mhlengwa Zikode. Dieter Zurwehme. Beverly Allitt. Lyda Catherine Ambrose []. Amy Archer-Gilligan. Gertraud Arzberger [] [].

Susan Atkins. Kathleen Anne Atkinson []. Francisca Ballesteros []. Velma Margie Barfield. Juana Barraza [] [] [].

Irene Becker []. Marie Alexandrine Becker. Elfriede Blauensteiner. Cecile Bombeek []. Marie-Madeleine de Brinvilliers.

Mary Ann Britland []. Denise Dianna Buchanan []. Judias Anna Buenoano []. Martha Cannon []. Leonarda Cianciulli.

Cynthia Lynn Coffman []. Tammy Corbett []. Mary Ann Cotton. Dominique Cottrez []. Anna Cunningham []. Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong.

Nannie Doss []. Amelia Dyer []. Ellen Etheridge []. Christine Laverne Falling. Yvonne Gladys Fletcher []. Kathleen Megan Folbigg [].

Irina Wiktorowna Gajdamatschuk []. Bertha Gifford []. Kristen Gilbert []. Gesche Gottfried. Gwendolyn Gail Graham []. Caroline Grills [].

Belle Sorenson Gunness. Anna Marie Hahn. Susan Diane Hendricks []. Sabine Hilschenz []. Miyuki Ishikawa. Mary Jane Jackson []. Vickie Dawn Jackson [].

Angela Jane Johnson []. Genene Anne Jones []. Michele Kalina []. Kanae Kijima []. Ottilie Klimek.

Frances Lydia Alice Knorr []. Christa Lehmann. Diana Lumbrera []. Anjette Donovan Lyles []. Martha Marek.

Rhonda Bell Martin. Dorothy Jean Matajke []. Yiya Murano []. Martha Needle []. Marie Noe []. Marianne Nölle.

Aino Nykopp-Koski []. Diane Odell []. Dagmar Johanne Amalie Overbye []. Louise Peete. Dorothea Helen Puente [] [].

Vera Renczi []. Martha Rendell []. Michaela Roeder []. Darja Nikolajewna Saltykowa. Kimberly Clark Saenz []. Gail Savage [].

Antoinette Scieri []. Magdalena Solis []. Della Sorenson []. Miyoko Sumida []. Maria Catherina Swanenburg []. Marybeth Tinning. Le Thanh Van []. Aber dann liest du über ihr Innenleben und bist entsetzt.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Homicidal Triad homicidaltriad am Okt 25, um PDT. Vlado Taneski aus Makedonien war Journalist, der in erster Linie über Verbrechen berichtete.

Seine Artikel wiesen aber zu viele Details über den Mord an zwei Putzfrauen auf. Als man ihn verdächtigte und Untersuchungen anstellte, fand man heraus, dass er die beiden Frauen mit einem Telefonkabel erwürgt hatte.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Nature vs Narcissism naturevsnarcissism am Mär 22, um PDT. Er hat zwischen und mindestens 70 Menschen getötet. Sein Opfer war ein jähriges Mädchen, auf das er 16 Mal einstach.

Wie durch ein Wunder überlebte das Mädchen. Sie schleppte sich zu den Nachbarn und konnte später der Polizei Tommys Gesicht beschreiben.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Stolen from me stolenfrommepodcast am Aug 31, um PDT. Auf dieser Seite sollen weder die Taten von Serienmördern verharmlost werden - noch soll sie Gewaltverherrlichung darstellen.

Sie dient einzig und allein der reinen Information. Die Kriminalgeschichte ist nur die Geschichte der Täter. Ihre Namen werden überliefert, die Opfer dagegen bleiben namenlos.

Sie wurden ermordet, gefoltert, geschändet, verbrannt.

Seit August 2019 Viskose Waschen unser ULTIMATE. - Patientenmörder Niels Högel soll 84 weitere Menschen getötet haben

Pacciani Gute Politthriller scheduled for retrial in when he died after taking medication contraindicated to his heart problems.
Liste Serienmörder Infamous Serial Killers. Serial killers commit some of the most horrifying acts of violence ever known: Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz (the “Son of Sam”), the Zodiac Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jack. 9/28/ · Hier finden Sie eine Liste mit Serienmördern in Deutschland, sortiert nach der Anzahl der mutmaßlichen Opfer: Christman Gniperdoliga – angeblich Peter Nirsch – vermutlich Niels Högel (Todespfleger) – vermutlich Karl Denke (Papa Denke) – Stephan Letter (Todesengel von Sonthofen) – Shankariya war ein Indischer Serienmörder. Er hat innerhalb eines Jahres 70 Menschen mit einem Hammer umgebracht. Gefragt, warum er dies tat, antwortete er, dass es ihm Genugtuung verschaffe. Er wurde zum Tod durch Erhängen verurteilt und seine letzten Worte waren: „Ich habe aus Eitelkeit gemordet. Niemand sollte so werden, wie ich.“
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