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Wer ohne eigene Listen leben kann, Danke. Romeros Kult-Zombiefilm Dawn of the Dead aus dem Jahre 1979 eine Neuauflage in 3D bekommen wird. Dann sollst du eine Registrierung durchfhren, auf das wir stolz sein knnen.

Star Trek 5

Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»Star Trek 5 - Am Rande des Universums«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt online bestellen! Die USS Enterprise NCCA soll zum Planeten Nimbus III fliegen, um dort den Botschaftern der. Ich bin der Meinung, dass Star Trek 5 - Am Rande des Universums sehr spannend, aber auch sehr emotional (wie eigentlich alle ungeraden Teile der Star. <

Star Trek 5 - Am Rande des Universums

ST V - Am Rande des Universums. Star Trek: The Final Frontier. von Matthias Weber. Inhalt. Sternzeit: ,1 (Jahr ). Das Ende eines Urlaubs. Auf Nimbus. Die USS Enterprise NCCA soll zum Planeten Nimbus III fliegen, um dort den Botschaftern der. Ich bin der Meinung, dass Star Trek 5 - Am Rande des Universums sehr spannend, aber auch sehr emotional (wie eigentlich alle ungeraden Teile der Star.

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Star Trek 5

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Nachdem der Humor eines der erfolgreichsten Elemente des vierten Teils geworden war, war eine der Vorgaben des Studios auch den 5. Audience Reviews for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Jun 22, Interesting blend of religion and science fiction. The crew of the Enterprise meets a Vulcan known as Sybock who claims he knows. – Star Trek: Year Five is an ongoing comic series published by IDW Publishing. The series is set during the fifth year of the USS Enterprise 's five-year mission, with the first issue published in April The series is scripted by a "writer's room" of Brandon Easton, Jody Houser, Jim McCann, Collin Kelly, and Jackson Lanzing. Kurtzman has indicated that season five is planned out, but has not given many details, according to ScreenRant. Before the COVID pandemic hit, the cast and crew had planned to film seasons. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is a American science fiction film directed by William Shatner and based on the television series Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry. It is the fifth installment in the Star Trek film series, and takes place shortly after the events of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (). Until 's Star Trek came along, fans of the franchise just accepted that odd-numbered entries in the Star Trek movie franchise were always going to be subpar. While an argument could be made for The Motion Picture or The Search For Spock being alright, the same can not be said for the fifth movie, The Final Frontier. Der Planet Nimubs III gilt als neutrale Freihandelszone, in der sich die Botschafter der verfeindeten Romulaner, Klingonen und der Föderation aufhalten. Als der Vulkanier Sybok einen Aufstand anzettelt, begibt sich die Enterprise sogleich dorthin. Star Trek V: Am Rande des Universums (Originaltitel: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr Die USS Enterprise NCCA soll zum Planeten Nimbus III fliegen, um dort den Botschaftern der. Ich bin der Meinung, dass Star Trek 5 - Am Rande des Universums sehr spannend, aber auch sehr emotional (wie eigentlich alle ungeraden Teile der Star. Star Trek 5 is a collection of short story adaptations of seven Star Trek: The Original Series episodes, written by James sharepointmaturity.comhed by Bantam Books, it was first released in February Summary From the book jacket The Enterprise blazes new star trails to danger as Kirk, Spock and the rest encounter –. an asylum planet where the mad rule; a universe with a total . Star Trek a list of 23 titles created 2 months ago diziler a list of 37 titles created TV Shows I Am Currently Watching a list of 46 titles created 2 weeks ago Star Trek a list of 23 titles created 4 months ago See all related lists. Star Trek is an American media franchise originating from the s science fiction television series Star Trek, created by Gene series, now often known as "The Original Series ", debuted on September 8, , and aired for three seasons on followed the voyages of the starship USS Enterprise, a space exploration vessel built by the United Animated series: The Animated Series . Best Netflix Series and Shows. Archived from the original on December 21, This aspect of the film had spiritual and existential Annette Frier Filme, but they were buried by silly nonsensical scenes that do nothing for the plot. Movies, tv shows, comic books, and video games are what he considers his wheelhouse. Well The Final Frontier saw that and thought to itself, 'Hey! Und dann der Gipfel: das Absingen von Pfadfinderliedern! Teil Hoffnung Und Ruhm in dieser Hinsicht unkomplizierter, der Regisseur stand bereits seit dem 4. Formel 1 Ps fiel erstaunlich gering aus. Probleme machte dieses Mal der Vertrag von George Takei.

Alfred Jodokus nach Magdalena Neuer Vorlieben gibt es verschiedene Entertainment-Pakete im Angebot. - Möchten Sie sich anmelden?

Walter Koenig brachte das Gerücht um Shatners Vertragsklausel zum ersten Mal in die Öffentlichkeit, wo es sich daraufhin hartnäckig hielt, bis man auch Microsoft Office 2021 Für Lehrer Paramount keine andere Wahl mehr hatte, als den Grund für Shatners Regie zuzugeben.

Shatner had previously directed plays and television episodes; [4] when he signed on for The Voyage Home following a pay dispute, Shatner was promised he could direct the next film.

Shatner conceived his idea for the film's story before he was officially given the director's job. His inspiration was televangelists ; "They [the televangelists] were repulsive, strangely horrifying, and yet I became absolutely fascinated," he recalled.

The televangelists formed the basis for the character Zar, later Sybok. Shatner's first outline [20] was titled An Act of Love , [21] and many of its elements—the Yosemite vacation, the abduction of Klingon, human and Romulan hostages on the failed paradise planet—survived to the final film.

Kirk feigns acceptance of Zar's beliefs to travel with him to the God planet, which to Shatner would be a desolate, fiery waste. When Kirk confronts "God", the image of the being transforms into that of Satan , and Kirk, Spock, and McCoy split up in their escape.

Kirk eludes capture but goes back to save his friends from being carried away to Hell. Shatner had presented his idea to studio head Frank Mancuso while filming The Voyage Home.

Producer Harve Bennett was exhausted by his work on the previous three Star Trek films and wanted to move on, feeling that he was not part of the Star Trek "family" and that he had been mistreated by Nimoy.

After several hours of discussion Bennett agreed to return. Bennett also told Shatner that the film had the feeling of a tone poem rather than an adventure story.

Shatner and Bennett began reworking the story. Concerned that knowing the renegade Sybok's motivation from the beginning of the story was anticlimactic, the team moved the revelation to later in the story.

Shatner said that Bennett also suggested turning the God entity into an "evil alien pretending to be God for his own gain".

Having satisfied themselves and Paramount with the adjustments, Shatner and Bennett approached Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan writer and director Nicholas Meyer to pen the script, but he was unavailable.

Not everyone was happy with the story. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry objected to the characters' search for God in general, and more particularly, the idea of a God as portrayed by Western religion.

One of Roddenberry's employees suggested some of his employer's animosity towards the story stemmed back to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Roddenberry had wanted to approach that film with similar ideas that investigated the nature of God but was rejected by Paramount.

Loughery stopped work on the script when the Writers Guild of America went on strike , and the production was further delayed when Nimoy began working on another project.

When the writers' strike ended Loughery returned to work on the script while Shatner flew to the Himalayas for a job. When he returned, he felt betrayed by Loughery's revisions, which he felt transformed the search for God into the search for the mythical paradise Sha Ka Ree—a word play on "Sean Connery", whom they wanted for Sybok's role.

Though Shatner convinced Bennett and Loughery to revise much of the script, Sha Ka Ree remained; it was changed to a place of ultimate knowledge of which Sybok had received visions.

While Roddenberry, Kelley and Nimoy gave their approval to the revised script, Paramount was concerned that the film would go over-budget as written and ordered cuts.

Shatner's envisioned angels and demons at the film's climax were converted to rock monsters that the false god would animate from the earth.

Shatner wanted six of the creatures, but was forced to accept just one. Nilo Rodis, who had worked on two previous Star Trek features, was appointed the role of art director , and worked with Shatner to establish the film's visual design.

Shatner sought a grittier and more realistic feel to the Star Trek universe, and so the two worked together to visualize the film from start to finish.

Shatner was pleased with the results, especially with Rodis' designs for Shatner's most expansive or dramatic shots. Rodis' input in developing the early character and costume designs was significant.

Shatner praised his costume designs as being futuristic but plausible and in keeping with the continuity established in previous Star Trek films.

Bennett hired Dodie Shepard as the costume supervisor; Shepard's role was to oversee the costume fabrication and keep track of the clothes during filming.

Rodis and Shatner also drew up sketches of what the various aliens seen in the film would look like. Shatner picked Kenny Myers as the special-effects makeup artist.

Myers discussed the sketches with Shatner and made casts of actors' faces using dental alginate. Shatner hired Herman Zimmerman as production designer.

At one point, he was building five sets at once. Zimmerman created a sketch of the town's layout over three days, drawing inspiration from a circular Moroccan fortress.

Tim Downs scouted possible areas for location filming. He looked for a location that could stand in for three different venues without the production having to move or change hotels: the film's opening scene; the God planet's establishing shots; and the Nimbus III Paradise City.

Downs was familiar with the Mojave desert and thought that locations near Ridgecrest, California , would serve the production's needs, so he took photos based on sketches Rodis had provided of what the locations might look like.

Downs also shot photos with filters and tried to accomplish dust effects with his car to replicate ideas for how some sequences would be shot.

Principal photography began in October , in and around Los Angeles, California. After one of the production's camera trucks exploded in the studio parking lot, the non-union drivers headed to Yosemite National Park under cover of darkness with a police escort.

The film's Yosemite scenes were all shot on location. The overhead shot gave the impression Kirk was climbing at a great height, while unnatural background features such as swimming pools were camouflaged.

In the scene, Spock watches Kirk's ascent, levitates up behind him as a pest giving suggestions with the outcome that Kirk slips and Spock has to saves him using levitating boots.

Bluescreen footage of Shatner falling was shot later at Paramount and composited, while stuntman Ken Bates set a record for the highest American descender fall by plummeting off El Capitan —with a wire support rig—for long shots.

The scenes had to be reshot later. After the Yosemite shots, location shooting moved to desert locales.

Nimbus III and its town, Paradise City, were recreated in the Mojave. The town was created as a haphazard collection of spaceship parts and futuristic scrap.

Shatner called the resulting half-jogging pace of the dehydrated extras "the Sybok shuffle". The production spent three more weeks filming the rest of the desert scenes, finishing the last night scene shortly before sunrise and the trip back to Los Angeles.

At Paramount, the crew filmed all the scenes that would take place on soundstages, including the Enterprise and Bird-of-Prey sets, the Paradise City interiors, and the campfire location.

Production was smoother on set, and the crew shot scenes ahead of schedule. The crew fabricated a stand-in set for the God planet location, where additional scenes were filmed to combine with the location footage.

Shatner scheduled the campfire scenes to be the last ones shot, after which the cast and crew had a small celebration before a traditional wrap party later.

Shatner returned to Paramount Studios a few days after principal photography had wrapped to organize the film's post-production schedule.

Shatner recalled that the film received praise and left the screening "reveling" in its reception; it turned out to be a "momentary victory" once he saw the special effects.

During the writers' strike, producer Ralph Winter confronted what writer Paul Mandell termed an "unenviable" effects situation.

However, all of the effects house's best technicians were busy working on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Ghostbusters II. With a stretched budget and short timeframe, Winter had to look elsewhere.

The producers solicited test footage from various effects houses to judge which was best able to create the film's main effects, including the planet Sha Ka Ree and the godlike being which resided there.

Bran Ferren 's effects company Associates and Ferren was picked. Ferren had worked on films such as Altered States and Little Shop of Horrors ; hiring the New York-based studio made The Final Frontier the first film in the Star Trek series produced on both the east and west coasts of the United States.

Associates and Ferren had three months to complete the effects work—around half the usual industry timeframe.

Shatner insisted on viewing much test footage before he proceeded with each shot, requesting time-consuming changes if he did not like an effect.

The studio called a meeting with executives and began cutting out effects shots. To reduce the optical effects workload, Ferren rejected bluescreen compositing, opting instead for rear projection.

This cheaper process, he reasoned, would save time, and would make sense for elements such as the Enterprise ' s bridge viewer, where compositing would lack the softness of a real transmitted image.

The rock monster climax of the film was ultimately dropped due to difficulties during filming. Effects personnel smoked cigarettes and blew smoke into the suit's tubing, [75] loading it with smoke that it would slowly emit, obscuring some obvious rubber parts.

On the last day of location shooting, the Rockman began suffering mechanical problems; the suit stopped breathing fire, and the desert wind dissipated the smoke.

Smith , from an original story pitch by Quentin Tarantino and J. Though the studio was courting Tarantino to serve as director, the filmmaker decided to pass on the project.

A separate film, was announced as being in-development with Noah Hawley signed onto the project as director, with a script of his own. This includes Star Trek 4 with the "Kelvin Timeline" cast, Noah Hawley's film, and the Tarantino film.

Star Trek has an on-going tradition of actors returning to reprise their roles in other spin-off series. In some instances, actors have portrayed potential ancestors, descendants, or relatives of characters they originated.

Characters have also been recast for later appearances. Many licensed products are based on the Star Trek franchise.

Since , hundreds of original novels, short stories, and television and movie adaptations have been published. The first original Star Trek novel was Mission to Horatius by Mack Reynolds , which was published in hardcover by Whitman Books in Among the most recent is the Star Trek Collection of Little Golden Books.

Three titles were published by Random House in , a fourth is scheduled for July The first publisher of Star Trek fiction aimed at adult readers was Bantam Books.

James Blish wrote adaptations of episodes of the original series in twelve volumes from to ; in , he wrote the first original Star Trek novel published by Bantam, Spock Must Die!

Pocket Books published subsequent Star Trek novels. Prolific Star Trek novelists include Peter David , Diane Carey , Keith DeCandido , J.

Dillard , Diane Duane , Michael Jan Friedman , and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Several actors from the television series have also written or co-written books featuring their respective characters: William Shatner , John de Lancie , Andrew J.

Robinson , J. Hertzler and Armin Shimerman. Voyager producer Jeri Taylor wrote two novels detailing the personal histories of Voyager characters.

Screenplay writers David Gerrold , D. Fontana , and Melinda Snodgrass have also penned books. A scholarly work Newton Lee discussed the actualization of Star Trek's holodeck in the future by making extensive use of artificial intelligence and cyborgs.

Star Trek -based comics have been issued almost continuously since , published by Marvel , DC , Malibu , Wildstorm , and Gold Key , among others. In , Tokyopop produced an anthology of Next Generation -based stories presented in the style of Japanese manga.

The Star Trek franchise has numerous games in many formats. Beginning in with a board game based on the original series and continuing through today with online and DVD games, Star Trek games continue to be popular among fans.

Video games based on the series include Star Trek: Legacy and Star Trek: Conquest. An MMORPG based on Star Trek called Star Trek Online was developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World.

It is set during the Next Generation era, about 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. On June 8, , WizKids announced the development of a Star Trek collectible miniatures game using the HeroClix game system.

Star Trek has led directly or indirectly to the creation of a number of magazines which focus either on science fiction or specifically on Star Trek.

Starlog was a magazine which was founded in the s. Star Trek Magazine , originally published as Star Trek Monthly by Titan Magazines for the United Kingdom market, began in February The magazine has since expanded to worldwide distribution.

Other magazines through the years included professional, as well as magazines published by fans, or fanzines. The Star Trek media franchise is a multibillion-dollar industry, owned by ViacomCBS.

White House booklet on space produced after the Sputnik flight in Star Trek and its spin-offs have proven highly popular in syndication and was broadcast worldwide.

Star Trek conventions have become popular among its fans , who call themselves " trekkie " or "trekkers". Star Trek was ranked most popular cult show by TV Guide.

The Star Trek franchise inspired some designers of technologies, the Palm PDA and the handheld mobile phone. Ten finalists were selected in , and the winner was to be selected in January However, no team managed to reach the required criteria.

Star Trek also brought teleportation to popular attention with its depiction of "matter-energy transport", with the famously misquoted phrase " Beam me up, Scotty " entering the vernacular.

Additionally, some contend that the Star Trek society resembles communism. Beyond Star Trek 's fictional innovations, its contributions to television history included a multicultural and multiracial cast.

While more common in subsequent years, in the s it was controversial to feature an Enterprise crew that included a Japanese helmsman, a Russian navigator, a black female communications officer, and a human—Vulcan first officer.

Captain Kirk's and Lt. Uhura's kiss, in the episode " Plato's Stepchildren ", was also daring, and is often mis-cited as being American television's first scripted, interracial kiss, even though several other interracial kisses predated this one.

Nichelle Nichols, who played the communications officer, said that the day after she told Roddenberry of her plan to leave the series, she was told a big fan wanted to meet her while attending a NAACP dinner party:.

I thought it was a Trekkie, and so I said, 'Sure. Martin Luther King walking towards me with this big grin on his face. He reached out to me and said, 'Yes, Ms.

Nichols, I am your greatest fan. You're part of history. After the show Nichols used this public standing to speak for women and people of colour and against their exclusion from the human space program of the US, achiving that NASA reacted asking her to find people for its future Space Shuttle program.

Nichols proceeded and successfully brought the first people of colour and women into the US space program , working in this quality for NASA from the late s until the late s.

Computer engineer and entrepreneur Steve Wozniak credited watching Star Trek and attending Star Trek conventions in his youth as a source of inspiration for co-founding Apple Inc.

Apple later became the world's largest information technology company by revenue and the world's third-largest mobile phone manufacturer.

In , the US effort to develop a vaccine to protect against COVID was named Operation Warp Speed , which is the brainchild of a Star Trek fan, Dr.

Peter Marks. Peters leads the unit at the Food and Drug Administration which approves vaccines and therapies. Early parodies of Star Trek included a famous sketch on Saturday Night Live titled " The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise ", with John Belushi as Kirk, Chevy Chase as Spock and Dan Aykroyd as McCoy.

A feature-length film that indirectly parodies Star Trek is Galaxy Quest. This film is based on the premise that aliens monitoring the broadcast of an Earth-based television series called Galaxy Quest , modeled heavily on Star Trek , believe that what they are seeing is real.

Star Trek has been blended with Gilbert and Sullivan at least twice. Starship Pinafore: The Next Generation in and an adaptation by Jon Mullich of Gilbert and Sullivan's H.

Pinafore that sets the operetta in the world of Star Trek has played in Los Angeles and was attended by series luminaries Nichelle Nichols, [ citation needed ] D.

Fontana and David Gerrold. The show was titled Star Drek: The Generation After That. It presented an original story with Gilbert and Sullivan melodies.

The Simpsons and Futurama television series and others have had many individual episodes parodying Star Trek or with Trek allusions.

In August , the members of the Internal Revenue Service created a Star Trek themed training video for a conference. Revealed to the public in , the spoof along with parodies of other media franchises was cited as an example of the misuse of taxpayer funds in a congressional investigation.

Star Trek has been parodied in several non-English movies, including the German Traumschiff Surprise — Periode 1 which features a gay version of the Original Series bridge crew and a Turkish film that spoofs that same series' episode " The Man Trap " in one of the series of films based on the character Turist Ömer.

The Orville is a comedy-drama science fiction television series created by Seth MacFarlane that premiered on September 10, , on Fox. MacFarlane, a longtime fan of the franchise who previously guest-starred on an episode of Enterprise , created the series with a similar look and feel as the Star Trek series.

Until , Paramount Pictures and CBS permitted fan-produced films and episode-like clips to be produced. Several veteran Star Trek actors and writers participated in many of these productions.

Several producers turned to crowdfunding , such as Kickstarter , to help with production and other costs. Popular productions include: New Voyages — and Star Trek Continues — Additional productions include: Of Gods and Men , originally released as a three-part web series, and Prelude to Axanar.

Of the various science fiction awards for drama, only the Hugo Award dates back as far as the original series. No Star Trek feature film has ever won a Hugo Award.

In , the fan-made Star Trek: New Voyages episode "World Enough and Time" was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Short Drama.

Star Trek won the Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling , the franchise's first Academy Award. In , the franchise was listed in the Guinness World Records as the most successful science fiction television franchise in the world.

Star Trek began as a joint-production of Norway Productions, owned by Roddenberry, and Desilu , owned by Desi Arnaz. The profit-sharing agreement for the series split proceeds between Norway, Desilu—later Paramount Television , William Shatner's production company, and the broadcast network, NBC.

However, Star Trek lost money during its initial broadcast, and NBC did not expect to recoup its losses by selling the series into syndication, nor did Paramount.

With NBC's approval, Paramount offered its share of the series to Roddenberry sometime in NBC's remaining broadcast and distribution rights eventually returned to Paramount and Roddenberry sometime before , which coincided with the development of what would become The Next Generation.

Sometime before , Sumner Redstone had acquired a controlling stake of Viacom via his family's theater chain, National Amusements.

Viacom was established in as a division of CBS responsible for syndicating the network's in-house productions, originally called CBS Films.

In , Viacom and Paramount Communications were merged. National Amusements and the Redstone family increased their stake in the combined company between and In , the Redstone family reorganized Viacom, spinning off the conglomerate's assets as two independent groups: the new Viacom , and the new CBS Corporation.

The terms of this split were not known. However, CBS held all copyrights, marks, production assets, and film negatives, to all Star Trek television series.

CBS also retained the rights to all likenesses, characters, names and settings, and stories, and the right to license Star Trek , and its spin-offs, to merchandisers, and publishers, etc.

Viacom , which housed Paramount Pictures , retained the feature film library, and exclusive rights to produce new feature films for a limited time.

It was unclear who retained the synchronization or streaming rights. Rights and distribution issues, and the fraught relationship between the leadership at CBS, Viacom, and the National Amusements' board of directors, resulted in a number of delayed and or cancelled Star Trek productions between and While several attempts were made to merge Viacom and CBS, power struggles between the major stakeholders of the companies prevented this from happening.

In , after the resignation of CBS CEO, Leslie Moonves , negotiations to merge CBS and Viacom began in earnest.

These negotiations were led by Shari Redstone , chairman of the National Amusements, and Joe Ianniello, then CEO of Viacom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Science fiction media franchise. This article is about the franchise. For the original television series, see Star Trek: The Original Series. For other uses, see Star Trek disambiguation.

Logo as it appears in The Original Series. Main article: Star Trek: The Original Series. William Shatner as James T.

Kirk Leonard Nimoy as Spock DeForest Kelley as Leonard McCoy James Doohan as Scotty Nichelle Nichols as Uhura George Takei as Hikaru Sulu Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov Majel Barrett as Christine Chapel.

Main article: Star Trek: The Animated Series. Kirk Leonard Nimoy as Spock DeForest Kelley as Leonard McCoy James Doohan as Scotty Nichelle Nichols as Uhura George Takei as Hikaru Sulu.

Main article: Star Trek: The Next Generation. Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard Jonathan Frakes as William Riker LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar Michael Dorn as Worf Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher Season 1, 3—7 Diana Muldaur as Katherine Pulaski Season 2 Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi Brent Spiner as Data Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher.

Main article: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Main article: Star Trek: Voyager. Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway Robert Beltran as Chakotay Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres Jennifer Lien as Kes Seasons 1—3 Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris Ethan Phillips as Neelix Robert Picardo as The Doctor Tim Russ as Tuvok Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine Season 4—7 Garrett Wang as Harry Kim.

Main article: Star Trek: Enterprise. Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer Jolene Blalock as T'Pol John Billingsley as Phlox Dominic Keating as Malcolm Reed Anthony Montgomery as Travis Mayweather Linda Park as Hoshi Sato Connor Trinneer as Trip Tucker.

Main article: Star Trek: Discovery. Main article: Star Trek: Short Treks. Apparently according to the producers, this film nearly killed the entire franchise with poor effects, a rehashed and ridiculous plot, and a largely inconsistent tone.

This time around, the crew of the enterprise were on leave and enjoying life when they are asked to investigate a hostage situation on Nimbus III.

Of course, the hostages just happened to be held by Spock's half-brother, Sybok. Framing Spock as the key to getting through to his brother would have been a nice way for him to finally regain his existence and memory as the Enterprise's second in command, but it never really plays out that way.

Sybok manipulates anyone in his path to discover the god in the center of the galaxy and forces the Enterprise crew to take him there.

As if the film didn't already struggle to grab my attention, the scenes with 'god' are almost unbearable. The very idea that a Star Trek film would center its plot around a villain taking over the Enterprise with his goons in order to get what he wants has been done so many times before, but throw God in the mix as well?

Come on. Luckily, the bond between Spock, Kirk, and Bones is still present to get you through some rough dialogue, as is Jerry Goldsmith's classic score, but 'The Final Frontier' ends up making you wish they would never make another Trek film again.

Fortunately, they do get better, but I can't help but sit here in wonderment thinking about just how much the reach of this film far outweighs its grasp.

Thomas D Super Reviewer. May 05, The Final Frontier is a decent film, one that leaves a lot to be desired for Trek fans, and here I felt that the film's script was just stitched together too quickly in order to create a follow up to The Voyage Home.

Now this isn't an awful film, but it could have been improved upon. I find this entry to be not that bad, but it definitely could have been reworked to make the film standout a bit more.

Compared to the previous outings in the series, The Final Frontier will surely divide fans. One reason is for the fact that the story is not that interesting, and the performances are a bit flat.

The story itself is sketchy and quite frankly ridiculous, and it makes you question what they were thinking when they green lit the project. There were effective ideas here, but they never really take off, and the film's potential is squandered on a poorly written script, and the end result is one of the weakest films in the franchise.

Like I said, I thought it was decent, but it also lacked the sense of wonder, excitement, and adventure than the other films possessed. Fans of the series will surely be disappointed in this fifth film, and you'll want more out of the film by the time the credits roll.

If the film's plot would have been improved upon, and the cast would have put a bit more effort into their performances, then The Final Frontier would have been a much better outing than what it turned out to be.

I expected much more out of this film, and it's a shame that on-screen result is a decent affair that makes you expect more.

The film's flaws are simply due to the fact that the filmmakers simply didn't care about how the film turned out, and they really should have put much more effort into crafting a better story.

Alex r Super Reviewer. Aug 20, This movie was on the cusp of something brilliant, however it only ends up stumbling over its own ambition.

It raises excellent questions and sparks superb themes, but the execution of it all is a real let down. Generally considered the weakest Star Trek film in the franchise, the Final Frontier is directed by William Shatner, who's inexperience in such a large director's chair is on full display.

There are some good shots and production design, but for the most part, it's mishandled. Shatner does, however, still give an excellent performance as Captain Kirk.

The rest of the cast is still great as well, as is the typical Trek fun and humor that the series is known for. The film actually is, believe it or not, not that horrible or unwatchable up until the climax on Sha Ka Ree.

There's some good banter between Kirk, McCoy, and Spock, an intriguing sequence on the "Mad Max"-like planet Nimbus III, and the story moves along quite well and holds your attention.

Once Kirk and co. The visuals grow weak, the story that's been developing the whole movie gets a hugely disappointing resolution, Sybok goes from strong in his beliefs to "oops, I was wrong", and the action gets boring.

The big reveal of the film is when Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and villain Sybok get on Sha Ka Ree and encounter who they believe to be God. Kirk gets annoying, questions God, and they find out that it's just some alien posing as God.

How'd it get there? How did it communicate with Sybok to make him come here? The movie never explains, and just goes "Oh, it's not God, Sybok dies, Kirk is saved, movie over.

They had potential with this story, and it was playing out decently until you get to what is supposed to be the most exciting point of the film.

Shatner drops the ball as director, visuals are subpar, and when it's over, you feel little more than "that's it? Their vacation is interrupted when they must respond to a hostage situation concerning a renegade Vulcan who happens to be Spock's half brother.

This Vulcan's name is Sybok and he is on a desperate search for God and the end of the universe. There are also some Klingons in pursuit of Kirk and the Enterprise, but they don't seem to serve much of a purpose in the end.

The Final Frontier is all kinds of weird and doesn't have much of a structure, but I can't say I didn't have fun with this movie.

Remember how The Voyage Home added this element of comedy to Star Trek? Well The Final Frontier saw that and thought to itself, 'Hey!

I can do that too! Any and all comedy in this film is completely unnecessary and either makes you cringe or roll your eyes in embarrassment.

There are moments in the film where I was left wondering, 'Why in the hell did the writers think that line was a good idea?

A lot of the humor comes around when the friendship between Kirk, Spock, and Bones is being developed. This was always an important aspect of Star Trek, but The Final Frontier almost makes a mockery of it.

Never, under any circumstances do I need to watch Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley sit around a campfire singing Row Row Row Your Boat.

But I guess these were the days when Shatner and Nimoy were building their "singing" careers so they thought they needed those "careers" to carry over into Star Trek.

This movie had the potential to be incredible. Sybok's search for God could have gone much deeper and been much more intellectual than what it was.

This aspect of the film had spiritual and existential overtones, but they were buried by silly nonsensical scenes that do nothing for the plot.

There is a lot to strip away if you want to get down to the more intellectual meaning of this film.

It is something that was so obscured by the amount of crap this film throws together that in the end it was a completely lost meaning.

But if you move past that, The Final Frontier can be pretty fun. If you enjoy it for its cheese than you can have a moderately good time.

Especially towards the end, the film becomes completely over-the-top and loaded with cheese. It isn't like The Motion Picture, which tried way to hard to be something it wasn't and painfully dragged on for over two hours.

The Final Frontier clocks in at only an hour and 45 minutes and just stays lively and fun the whole time. It isn't high quality fun, but its fun nevertheless.

This definitely is not a Star Trek film I would watch again, but its a necessary watch if you are a fan of Star Trek like me and have made it your duty to see all of the films.

Star Trek: The Final Frontier is not a good movie. Man wird auch fündig und entdeckt Sha-Ka-Ree. Kirk hat Zweifel und behält auch Recht: Die Erscheinung ist lediglich ein mächtiges Energiewesen, das die Enterprise nutzen will, um vom Planeten zu entkommen.

Sybok erkennt seinen Fehler und opfert sich, um seinen Kameraden die Flucht zu ermöglichen. Zurück im Yosemite-Park, sitzen die Drei erneut beim Singen von Row, Row, Row Your Boat am Lagerfeuer.

Der Film war darüber hinaus für drei weitere Goldene Himbeeren vorgeschlagen, nämlich für das schlechteste Drehbuch , den schlechtesten Nebendarsteller DeForest Kelley und als schlechtester Film des Jahrzehnts.

In diesen Kategorien blieb es jedoch bei Nominierungen. Das Dialogbuch stammte von Udo Wachtveitl ; Dialogregie führte K. Ludwig [3]. Short Treks Episodenliste.

Film Deutscher Titel Star Trek V: Am Rande des Universums Originaltitel Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

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